On Tuesday, May 5, 2011, Muhammed Nadada Umar, SMEDAN’s DG met with the WB-MSME project officers, Dr. Thomas Timberg, Senior Adviser and Mr Emeka Ile, Project Manager who were accompanied by the Inspectorate and Enterprise Extension Services (I&EES) Department’s Mr. Atukpa Pope, Dr. Friday Okpara, and Malam Idris Gambo to officially open Project MSME’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Assistance to SMEDAN. The MSME Team introduced the WB M&E Consultant, Dr. Ed Canela who will be with SMEDAN for four weeks.

After the meeting, Dr. Canela shared with the M&E Department how he intends to complete the mission and what are the WB’s expectations. For his part, Mr. Atukpa Pope gave a brief orientation about the functions of the Department. He outlined his priorities and underlined the importance of having a fully functioning M&E Framework.

This WB-NIPC MSME Project-sponsored mission called for a two-phase monitoring and evaluation (M&E) initiation in SMEDAN's HQ in Abuja. This is only the first phase (also known as the diagnosis,  training needs assessment, TNA and preparing the grounds for M&E).

This happened from 5 to 14 May, 2011 and was conducted by Eduardo Canela, PhD who worked with SMEDAN’s Inspectorate and Enterprise Extension Services (I&EES) headed by Atukpa Pope (HOD), Dr. Friday Okpara (Deputy HOD and direct counterpart for Dr. Canela), and Malam Idris Gambo (Assistant to the HOD).  Likewise, the MSME Project team consisted of: Dr. Thomas Timberg (Senior Adviser), Emeka Ile (Project Manager and Access to Finance Specialist) and Ms Yemisi Joel-Osebor (M&E Specialist and based in Lagos). Without their full cooperation and support, the phase’s objectives would have not been achieved given the limited time.

 SMEDAN is collaborating with the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in the National Survey of SMEs (employment size is 10 to 199). The Team last March 2011 has released the PreTest Report that aimed to: (a) test the adequacy of survey instruments (e.g. Questionnaires and Manuals), (b) test the field logistics, analyze and review the survey instrument, as well as stimulate interest and create awareness among the stakeholders.

The Pretest covered Kano and Lagos with 40 SMEs canvassed in each state. Seven days of monitoring was provided. NBS used CSPro nd Excel for data processing of the results.

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