Core Services

As a coordinating and facilitating Agency, SMEDAN has the following goals and programmes.

i. Source, process and disseminate business information
-Create and regularly update data bank on MSMEs, raw materials, markets, available local technologies/machinery and prototypes.

ii. Policy development
-Formulate and ensure due approval and implementation of an MSME policy for Nigeria.
-Conduct impact assessment studies and use same to recommend improvements in policy intervention.
-Conduct regular stakeholders' fora

iii. Establish Business Support Centres (BSCs) to provide the following services:
-Model business planning skills
-Mentoring Professional service such as Accounting, Financing and Book keeping
-Industrial Dynamics and Technology Assessment
-Legal and taxation advisory services
-Demonstration models to provide sector service providers

iv. General business consultation iv. Capacity building and promotional services
-Vertical linkages of MSMEs with large enterprises
-Organization of MSMEs into clusters and co-operatives to enhance their productivity and have easier access to factors of production, including finance
-Arrangement/facilitation of trade and technological exposition
-Provision of market support information system through the Agency's website
-Encouragement and facilitation of new investments in designated priority areas in each State of the federation.

v. Establishment of industrial parks
-SMEDAN, through public private sector partnership, is facilitating the establishment of Industrial Parks and Regional SME Development Centres.
-Each park comes with industrial buildings, and offers MSMEs the following facilities on a cost-sharing basis.
-Security, Electricity, Water, Buying centers, Service providers, Petrol station and Capital intensive technologies.

vi. Enhance MSMEs access to finance
-Liaise with financial institutions to harness and pool resources for utilization by MSMEs.
-Attract foreign investment and funds for the development of the MSMEs Sub-sector.
-Constantly liaise with other institutions for the establishment and operation of an MSME Credit Guarantee Scheme.
-Networking; SMEDAN is partnering with Trade Groups, NGOs, Government Ministries and Agencies, Research and Technological institutions and Multilateral/Donor Agencies etc to create a dynamic network of stakeholders in
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